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Transform your skin with TrueLight’s Energy Baton Rouge portable Light Therapy Device. Look radiant and boost skin hydration while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and UV damage.


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I can’t get over the difference in my skin in only a few months of using the Truelight products, it is just glowing!! I love how quick the sessions are and the fact that it’s pulsing or steady light. None of my other skin care tools have the same effect.

Kathy L


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I travel a lot for work and the baton rouge is always in my makeup bag. It’s really helped the winter skin blues and my rosacea, I’m saving up for the full body Trism now!

Robert N


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I love TrueLight and tell everyone about it! The baton rouge is a great all in one device, I can use it on my face for my wrinkles and then my wrist that I recently broke for faster recovery.

Kali Y

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The Truelight Energy Baton Rouge is the perfect go anywhere device. With four different types of LED therapy lights in one handheld tool: Two different wavelengths for Red and Rejuvenation, Near Infrared for Strengthening, and Yellow for healing your skin. Each light mode pulses to assist with cellular healing even deeper results.  Explore the incredible benefits of led light therapy and heal your body from bone to surface!

About TrueLight®

TrueLight® is a wellness technology brand created by the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey. We are committed to improving health and performance through the use of light. We help the world stop junk light, then recognize and harness healthy light for your sleep-wake cycle, healing, and more. Our products, tools and education help your control the light in your environment. Through the use of patent-pending innovative red-light therapy devices, our goal is to help you look, feel and perform better.