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How To Position Your TrueLight® Energy Square Against Your Body

1) Wash the area of your body you wish to treat thoroughly with soap and water. Do not apply lotions, oils or other skincare products. 

2) Make sure there is as little as possible between your Energy Square and your skin. Bare skin with no fabric above it is ideal. If you need to wear clothing, wear as little and as thin of clothing as possible. 

3) For best results, place the device next to bare skin, not more than 6-8” away from the area being treated. Do not use the device directly on your skin or lay on the device in any way.. 

4) To use the Energy Square on your face or other tricky areas, you can use the included trifold stand to prop it up. Remember to keep the area being treated as close as possible to the Energy Square. 

5) Use your Energy Square’s remote to turn on your Square to the desired setting. Your Square will turn off after 20 minutes, which is generally the ideal session length.  

Please note, we do not recommend looking directly at the LEDs especially if you are sensitive to light. Rest assured that TrueLight® devices do not produce any damaging UV light, they’re just very bright and can be uncomfortable to look at. We recommend initially using the Square in a moderately lit room to allow your eyes to become accustomed to the very bright light. Please feel free to close your eyes and/or use sunglasses or goggles as you see fit, or if your doctor recommends it.