TrueLight® Energy Regenerate

The TrueLight® Energy Regenerate features a unique articulated armed 3-panel patent-pending design that offers 4 different types of LED therapy lights:  Two different wavelengths of Red for Rejuvenation, Near-Infrared for Strengthening, and Yellow for Skin Preparation; As well as two different lighting modes:  Steady for help in reducing pain and pulsating to assist with cellular healing. 


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  • 10 different settings 
  • 4 different wavelengths utilizing a 4 in 1 LED chip for greater energy density and light emission coverage 
  • Low-blue light emitting LCD touch screen control panel 
  • Portable with locking wheels to stabilize the base 
  • Steady or Pulsating modes 
  • Convenient 20-minute built-in count down timer with 30 second session finish alert sound 
  • Engineered to be quiet, no EMF’s (shielded cord, and interior electronic parts) 
  • 10-foot-long power cord for use just about anywhere [Device is designed with dual voltage input and is compatible with worldwide voltages between 85-265v and 50-60Hz. The device comes with a US plug, but a standard plug adapter (not included) should allow usage internationally.  A voltage converter or transformer is generally not required] 
  • User Guide & Operating Instructions manuals 


TrueLight is a patent-pending photobiomodulation therapy (LED) device. This light emitting therapy product delivers optimal Yellow, Red, and Near-Infrared light wavelengths which may positively react with mitochondria to repair and stimulate cellular regeneration. Increased collagen production, muscle recovery, reduction in scars & wrinkles, plus reducing rosacea and skin irritation are some of the benefits TrueLight may provide. We have created these lightweight, portable tools as an affordable solution for at home use. 

The TrueLight Energy Regenerate offers the ability to choose from Reds+NIR, Reds only, NIR only, Yellow only, or Reds+NIR+Yellow light therapy sessions to customize your light therapy experience. Additionally, pulsating, or steady lights can be chosen to concentrate on either healing or pain. 

Our TrueLight Energy devices are designed to emit Yellow, Red, and Near-Infrared light wavelengths which have scientific evidence demonstrating their biological impact on our bodies. The red spectrum of light penetrates the skin deeper than other light spectrums, reaching the hypodermis. It is this deeper penetration that allows the benefits to be so far reaching as the deeper cells are impacted, photons may enter the bloodstream and be passed throughout your body as well. You may know that the food you eat is converted into Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a complex organic chemical that participates in many processes and is often referred to as the “molecular unit of currency” for energy production. ATP production may also be stimulated by red and near-infrared exposure in your mitochondria. Simply put: through several metabolic events in your mitochondria, ATP production is stimulated. This is the energy source behind everything that happens in your cells and body, including cell repair and regeneration. Therefore, more ATP is a very good thing, which may lead to a lot of the benefits identified with red light therapy. More ATP means better performing mitochondria, which may lead to better health! 


It is not just light that we can see that comes from the sun. White light can be split up into a spectrum of many different wavelengths and colors.  Visible light is just part of a continuous spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. 

Our focus is on the visible and near-infrared light spectrum, which have the identified benefits that we utilize through Red and Yellow Light Therapy. 

There is scientific evidence that the Yellow, Red, and Near-Infrared light spectrums have a biological impact on our bodies. The red spectrum of light penetrates the skin deeper than other light spectrums, to reach the hypodermis. It is this deeper penetration that allows the benefits to be so far-reaching. As the deeper cells are impacted, photons may enter the bloodstream and be distributed throughout your body. 

Possible Benefits: 

Red 660nm and 630nm wavelengths may benefit: 

  • Enhanced blood circulation 
  • Anti-inflammatory effects 
  • Increased muscle recovery 
  • Increased collagen production 
  • Radiant skin 
  • Reduces scars, wrinkles, & fine lines 
  • Speeds wound healing 
  • Decreasing pain 

NIR 850nm wavelength may benefit: 

  • Penetrates deepest through skin and bone 
  • Helps prompt tissue and deep wound healing 

Yellow 580nm wavelength may benefit: 

  • Drug-free alternative for skin redness and flushing 
  • Skin irritation 
  • Reduces rosacea 
  • UV damage 
  • Helps to flush waste from the skin 
  • Boosts lymphatic flow 
  • Reducing the appearance of tiny blood vessels on the nose/face 

Steady or Pulsating modes: 

  • Steady for possible help reducing pain 
  • Pulsating to possibly assist with cellular healing 

Start accomplishing your goals in as little as 20-minute sessions for each treatment area at least two to three times per week! Here are a few ideas to get you started! 

TrueDark® warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase by the original owner. This warranty covers the original purchaser only and is not assignable or transferable to another party. Warranty is void if device is disassembled at any point. 


This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. TrueDark makes no claims, representations or warranties regarding the ability of this product to cure any physical, skin or mental condition. A qualified health professional should be consulted with regard to any condition requiring medical attention.  As a therapeutic device, LED has achieved a FDA low-risk general wellness status. 

TrueLight emits a patent-pending combination of light wavelengths that not only rejuvenate and strengthen from the inside but also enhance the skin surface to recover from environmental and UV damage.  These wavelengths include: two different wavelengths of Red for rejuvenation, Near-Infrared for strengthening, and Yellow for skin preparation and recovery. No other products on the market include this combination of four wavelengths plus steady and pulsating modes.  When these wavelengths are combined, they may enhance blood circulation, reduce wrinkles & fine lines, increase muscle recovery, decrease pain and reduce skin redness/irritation. 

TrueLight products provide the ability to choose from pulsating or steady lights, depending on your needs at any given time.  When LED lights are pulsed, body tissue may heal more rapidly. When it is given a continuous burst, it may sedate the cell and relieve the pain.  Your sessions can be tailored to concentrate on either healing or pain relief. Here are some interesting studies that may be of interest. 

Generally speaking, exposure to Red, Near-Infrared, and Yellow light is safe for your skin and body, as scientific studies have shown that these particular wavelengths can promote healing and wellness.  TrueLight products are low risk devices that have nominal contraindications. We do encourage you to speak to your physician before starting use if you are concerned based on your current medical condition or prescriptions (as some prescriptions can increase light sensitivity). 

While individual results may vary, TrueLight’s proprietary combination of Yellow, 2 Red wavelengths, and Near-Infrared typically yields promising results.  Many people see the benefits of increased muscle recovery, pain relief, and wound healing within the first couple of weeks of daily use. Reduction of wrinkles and scars can take up to several months. If you’d like to learn more, read this great blog article on light therapy after surgery

We recommend NOT looking directly at the LEDs, especially if you have any light sensitivities, but rest assured that TrueLight products do not produce any damaging UV light.  If you are sensitive to light or are concerned, we suggest keeping your eyes closed/looking away from the device while it is near the face. Please feel free to use sunglasses/goggles as you see fit, or if your doctor recommends it. 

For best results, place the front of the device next to bare skin, no more than 6-8” away from the area being treated.  We also recommend removing all traces of make-up, dirt, or sweat. Make certain that the area of your body you are treating with the TrueLight device is fully exposed to the light. 

For optimal cellular health, including deep tissue repair and recovery, we recommend a 20-minute session for each treatment area at a distance no greater than 6-8″ away from the device. However, next to bare skin allows for best light wavelength penetration.   

Longer sessions also allow for the wavelengths to penetrate more broadly, allowing a more intense treatment.  Please note:  We do recommend no more than one treatment per area per day, because your cells need time to process the light absorption into its metabolic functions. 

While there is no evidence of harm to an unborn baby, there are currently no safety standards tests either.  We recommend consulting with your physician before beginning this or any other treatment while pregnant. 

Our TrueLight devices are designed with optimal health in mind and emit virtually no EMF’s. 

As a therapeutic device, LED has achieved a FDA low-risk general wellness status.  This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. TrueDark makes no claims, representations, or warranties regarding the ability of this product to cure any physical, skin, or mental condition. A qualified health professional should be consulted with regard to any condition requiring medical attention. This device is intended only for personal household use, commercial use is not intended.  

There are many ways to measure a light therapy device’s effectiveness. The best way is by how you feel when you use it, or the changes to your body you can measure. Measuring your Nitric Oxide/NO2 levels (more info about this at our blog post here: before and after use is an easy and inexpensive way to see the impact at a molecular level. But that means you must already own one. When you’re shopping, you’ll discover that there isn’t a standard way to compare your options. 

You may see the “power” of a device listed, which seems like it could be a standard. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as measuring the power and ranking one with another. It’s important to take into consideration how many wavelengths the device uses and the distance from the body that the “power” is measured. The energy density, also known as the irradiance, that a light therapy device puts out is important. A high-power unit can make a device work faster but be too hot to use effectively near the skin. When a device is moved away from the skin’s surface, the power ratio goes down, so the irradiance is lower at that distance. A device may have mid-range power, so it can be comfortably used next to the skin for longer periods of time. 

Some devices have a limited number of wavelengths that result in the appearance of being “powerful”. Devices with limited wavelengths are also limited by the broad benefits they can provide. It’s important to keep in mind which wavelengths of light a light therapy device offers to best suit your needs. * 

*As TrueLight Energy devices are patent pending, we are not at liberty to fully disclose our exact energy density/irradiance.  However, we can divulge that we fall into the ideal range of 10mw/cm2 when used at 4” to 6” away.  

The TrueLight Energy Regenerate is designed with dual voltage input so it should work using any worldwide voltage between 85-265v and 50-60Hz. The device comes with a US plug, but any standard plug adapter will allow you to use it in your country of choice. You should also be able to substitute the included cord with a standard C13 power cord with a plug that matches the one used in your country if you don’t want to deal with plug adapters! C13 power cords are very commonly used as power cords on almost all desktop computers and some monitors and are easy to find or buy.  

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Weight 624 oz
Dimensions 36 × 22 × 12 in


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