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How To Pair Your TrueLight® Remote

Your TrueLight® Energy Square comes bundled with a paired remote. If you buy a replacement remote, you will need to pair it to your Energy Square. Also, if your Energy Square does not turn on with the current remote, it is possible that the remote may have become unpaired due to radio signal interference nearby. This can be caused by other wireless devices being used nearby when the Energy Square is plugged in. 

In both cases, the steps to pair the remote to the Energy Square are identical. Please follow these steps: 

1) Make sure the batteries in the remote are installed correctly. 

2) Unplug the Energy Square from the power outlet. 

3) Hold down the “Yellow” and “Yellow & Reds” buttons on the remote, then plug in the Energy Square while holding the buttons down. 

4) Continue to hold down the two buttons for 10 seconds after the Energy Square is plugged in, then release. 

At this point, your Energy Square and remote should now be properly paired. If you have followed the above steps and continue to have issues with turning your Energy Square on, please contact us and we will be happy to help.