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Warm, Calming Light for Better Sleep​

When it comes to sleep, there’s really no room for compromise — and we don’t want you to! But we are here to help you leverage healthy light for healthier living. Since light/dark cycles are a primary cue that affects the quality and duration of your sleep, we’ve created a series of TrueLight Luna Red® utilities and devices that emit the right light at the right time to support your body’s circadian  rhythm and melatonin production. These sleep lighting products are strategically designed to help you fall and stay asleep, naturally. 

How it Works

Humans are biologically programmed to sleep when it’s dark outside. However, too much light exposure – especially to artificial blue junk light – in the hours leading up to bedtime can impact the body’s ability to produce melatonin naturally. This can, in turn, lead to delays in sleep onset and negatively impact sleep quality. 

Conversely, studies show that warmer color temperatures are more conducive for regulating melatonin production, circadian rhythms, and sleep.  In our effort to help people leverage healthy light for healthy living, we have incorporated much of this research into developing TrueLight Luna Red® sleep lighting products. This series consists of light bulbs, nightlights and flashlights that are strategically designed to emit red and/or amber light for health benefits. 

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Simulates a warm sunset​

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Creates a soothing environment

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Supports melatonin production, naturally

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Promotes faster, deeper sleep

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The Best Light Bulbs for Better Sleep​

Studies show that red wavelengths of light are most conducive for better sleep. The main reason for this is that the red-light spectrum consists of low color temperature, which is similar to what you’d experience while watching a sunrise or sunset — often even lower! The new TrueLight Luna Red® Sunset Sleep Light Bulb, inspired by TrueDark® Twilights Sunset eyewear, primarily emits red wavelengths of light and offers dimming capabilities to allow users to customize their space effectively before bedtime.

Proper Lighting Can Improve the Quality of Your Sleep ​

The human body needs warmer (redder) lighting in the hours leading up to bedtime as the wavelengths in the red light spectrum are closest to the wavelengths emitted by the sun during sunset. In contrast to blue junk light, warm red light is better suited specifically for evening hours because it helps the body produce more melatonin. 

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Melatonin: What it is and Why You Need it​

Melatonin is a vital hormone that helps regulate the timing of your sleep.  It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help preserve body tissue and the central nervous systemOne of the best ways to ensure that you’re producing enough melatonin naturally is to manage your light exposure – especially at nighttime. 

The Most Effective Nightlight for Promoting Better Sleep ​

Tired of flipping light switches and tripping over the dog at night? We get it. It’s inconvenient, somewhat jarring, and can make it difficult to return to sleep. Fortunately, there’s a new solution for illuminating your surroundings without disrupting your circadian rhythm. The TrueLight Luna Red® Nightlight + Flashlight is a motion-sensing device that minimizes brightness and emits red light only to help keep your sleep/wake cycle on track. 

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