How To: Light Settings

How To Change Between Light Settings While Using Your TrueLight® Device

Energy Square: 

1) Choose which lights you wish to use: “Yellow”, “Yellow & Reds”, or “Reds”. 

2) Press the corresponding button on the remote once to choose “Steady” mode. 

3) Press the same button again (twice in total) to choose “Pulsed” mode. 

4) Press the button a third time to turn the Square off. 

Please note that the Energy Square has a 20-minute timer, as 20 minutes is the ideal usage time for a single session. After 20 minutes, your Energy Square will automatically turn off. 

Use daily for best results. 


Mat & Pillow:. 

1) Press ON/OFF button one time, the TIME screen is ON. 

2) Press two times, the “Yellow” lights are ON. 

3) Press three times, the “Reds + NIR” lights are ON. 

4) Press four times, the “Yellow” + “Reds + NIR” lights are ON. 

5) Pressing five times turns ALL lights OFF.   

6) Select either CONSTANT or PULSE mode.  (When the lights are ON, they are already set to CONSTANT). 

7) Next, select the TIME button.  For convenience the device allows for 5minute timed increments and automatically shuts off after a 30minute session (Timer starts with 30 mins and each additional press will reduce time by 5 minutes). 

8) Press the ON/OFF button to turn off the device at any time or wait for the 30minute cycle/or chose time to end, which automatically turns off the device.  Unplug device from wall, store in a cool dry area. 

Use daily for best results.