Circadian Lighting

Unlike conventional LEDs and fluorescents – that emit too much hazardous blue light, or junk light, and not enough of the sun’s full spectrum during the daytime — the new dimmable TrueLight Circadia™ bulb uses patented BIOS SkyBlue® Technology to pinpoint key photoreceptors that signal circadian responses. During the daytime, the TrueLight Circadia bulb infuses the critical sky-blue region (near 490nm), which helps improve alertness, mood and performance. Dimming the bulb after the sun goes down removes daytime photoreceptors and sends nighttime signals to help the body prepare for a good night’s sleep. The TrueLight Circadia bulb’s day-to-night functionality will provide individuals and their families with truly circadian lighting so that they can feel and function their best, even from the comfort of home.

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